It is no secret that the cost of energy is one of the biggest catalysts for households to switch supplier - at Wheatley we can see a time fast approaching when your energy tariff matches your consumption profile and when that time comes households might just switch provider more often, especially when Ofgem’s Faster Switching Programme is launched. Because we believe tariffs will soon match consumption profiles we have created a tool to show what this could look like – our Consumption-Tariff Comparison tool (catchy, hey!).

The tool compares different usage profiles against different tariffs in real-time to enable dynamic switching. By taking three different households and four different tariffs the tool highlights what the energy profiles look like when on these different tariffs, and what it means for the bills.

We have just a few different variables in the tool at the moment, but are monitoring the market as it evolves with the smart meter roll out and faster switching, plus we are identifying up-and-coming technologies and understanding how they could affect consumption profiles vs tariffs. For example, the addition of new energy loads like electric vehicles, or heat pumps, will have a big effect on the consumption profile of certain households. It will be important for households to understand how new technology affects their consumption, and ultimately their energy bills, and Wheatley have the know-how to make this as easy as possible for all.

For now though, we’ve tried to make it easy to use and understand. Give it a go and share your thoughts with us – we’d love to hear from you. If you get stuck, you can always click on the ‘help’ button, and it will give you helpful pointers to guide you through the tool.

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Starting with the charts - these show average consumption of a household based on the parameters chosen on this page, along with the consumption and cost by tariff tier.
Date range. Use this to select the date range for the sample data that you want to look at. This can be a single day.
Profile selector. Next, select a household profile from the choice of three provided, this will be reflected in the consumption data.
Tariff. Now choose the tariff that you wish to view the data for, from the choice of four provided.
The tariff comparison list shows all of the tariffs available and their relative costs for the chosen date range and profile.
Top left is shown the cost of the selected tariff, for the chosen household profile within the date range selected.
That's the end of our walk-through, click anywhere to continue and try out some scenarios for yourself!

The date range picker allows you to choose a period (or a single day) for the consumption-tariff comparison

Choose a household profile to view the related consumption data

Choose a tariff to see how it affects the cost for the chosen profile

The charts show the consumption profile in kWh over a 24hr period, based on the household profile, tariff and date range

The Tariff Comparison list shows the price comparison for all four tariffs from best to most expensive

The cost token shows the cost of electricty for the period, profile and tariff currently chosen

OK Got It!

Cost for current selection

Date Range

Household Profile


Average Consumption and Cost

Weekday Average Consumption

Weekend Average Consumption

Consumption by Tariff Tier (kWh)

Cost by Tariff Tier

Tariff Comparison